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Feed Sources

Page history last edited by Nicole 14 years, 7 months ago

Source feed ideas


- Worldcat lists (use their search box to find lists)

      some lists by Nicole Hennig  (nic221)

      "libraries and innovation" -  http://mit.worldcat.org/profiles/nic221/lists/79852/rss


- LibraryThing - in your profile, find the orange buttons for "recently added books," "your reviews," or "reviews of your books by others"

      Nicole's books: http://www.librarything.com/rss/recent/nic221


- delicious.com - every tag has its own feed

     tag: innovation, popular links: http://feeds.delicious.com/v2/rss/popular/innovation?count=15


- CiteULike or Connotea

    saved search: "innovation and open access"  (feed available for any saved search)



- search results from PubMed - instructions


- more feeds (page created by a librarian at MIT for lists of scholarly feeds)


- Flickr for feeds of photos

   their FAQ on feeds

   example: staircase


    or spiral staircase group pool:



- YouTube for video feeds

   their info on feeds

   science & technology category:



- Google news saved search:

    save any result as a feed

    example: search Google News for "global warming"

      Look for orange feed link at page bottom:



- Amazon feeds: their informational page


- other ideas:

    most blogs

    Twitter profiles or saved searches

    Craigslist searches: example "upright piano" for sale in Boston area

    Ebay searches

    any social web services with tags usually also has feeds for those tags


MIT-specific feeds

- MIT TechTV

- MIT World

- MIT news office feeds

- MIT Libraries news blog

- MIT LIbraries new book feeds

- MIT theses by department from DSpace






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